Z88OS is a fast, powerful and free open source finite element method software for PCs running Windows, Linux and OS X, but also for workstations and more powerful computers running Linux. Today Z88OS version 15 is available for download and can be seen as the parent of all follow-up software of the Z88 family. The software focuses on the basics of the finite element method and includes a solver for linear static simulations. It is employed in academic teaching or used by people who want to study the code to understand the inner workings of Z88 or adapt Z88OS to fit their needs.

References include the book Finite Element Analysis for Engineers and a thorough documentation both in english and in german.

The latest version Z88V15OS is published under the GNU-GPL for Windows, Linux and OS X and is available for download here. Further information and screenshots can be found below:


  • Superelementmesher Z88, to refine existing finite element structures
  • Import AUTO-CAD DXF-files via Z88X
  • Import NASTRAN or COSMOS files via Z88G
  • Import ANSYS files via Z88ASY
  • Cuthill-McKee sort algorithm for finite element structures
  • Check Z88 files for consistency via Z88VRY
  • Input data using text files
  • Types of boundary conditions:
    • Forces in all directions
    • Displacements in all directions
    • Pressure loads (positive and negative) on element faces


The solver of Z88OS calculates displacements, tensions und node forces. More information can be found here:


  • Simulation results are saved and available in text files
  • Postprocessor Z88O to display simulation results
  • Output of deformations
  • Output of node forces



Linux & OS X