Z88Aurora V3 now available

We are pleased to present to you today our new version Z88Aurora® V3!

With support for nonlinear material models and more detail enhancements we are starting a new version number and would be pleased if you download and try out the new Z88Aurora today.

That’s new:

  • Enhancement of our nonlinear solver with material nonlinearity (plasticity)
  • Double-click on the project directory in the status bar opens the project folder (only Windows and Unix)
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    • Key F1 opens SPIDER help
    • Key F2 opens the import menu
    • Key F3 opens the preprocessor menu
    • Key F4 opens the solver menu
    • Key F5 opens the postprocessor menu
    • Key F11 switches model full screen view on or off
    • Key d deselects the current selection, when nodes, surfaces or elements are selected
  • More setting options in the file z88enviro.dyn (for details see manual)

If you have questions, you will always find help in our Forum or by writing to our email support.

Your Z88-Team