Thermal analysis

Many properties of components are temperature dependent and have to be investigated during their development.

With the help of steady state thermal finite element method designers and engineers are able to perform analysis of the thermal behavior of their product within each design phase. Due to a coupling of thermal and mechanical boundary conditions, it is possible to compute thermal results, such as temperature or heat flux, as well as thermal-mechanical displacements or stresses. This ensures that part temperatures during operation are within allowed limits. Possibly upcoming security issues can be examined and eliminated in an early phase of the product development process.

Z88Aurora® uses three numerical solvers for steady state thermal and thermal-mechanical simulations respectively:

  • Two different preconditioned iterative solvers with sparse storage for big finite element structures
  • One direct Multicore-solver (PARDISO) with sparse storage for medium-sized finite element structures
  • Available element types for thermal simulations:
    • Hexahedron No. 1 (linear) & No. 10 (quadratic)
    • Tetrahedron No. 16 (quadratic) & No. 17 (linear)

Unfortunately it is not possible to perform thermal analyses by Z88V14OS.