Hannover Messe 2018

Dear friends of Z88,

this year we will again be present at Hannover Messe (Hannover Trade Fair). Read More

community contribution: contact analysis of chain links

Dear friends of Z88,

check out this pretty cool video giving detailed explanations on how to simulate chain links in Z88Aurora® V4:
https://youtu.be/RAESJ8nIPRc (German only) Read More

Merry X-Mas!

Dear friends of Z88,

the whole developer team wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2018. Once again we will have a great surprise for you…prepare yourself for Hannover Trade Fair in April!

Your Z88-Team

Outlook on Z88Arion V2

About one and a half years ago, we released our free topology optimization software Z88Arion®. The number of downloads speaks for itself, people like our program and use it a lot. Of course we do not want to stop here, which is why we’re continuously improving the software. The new version Z88Arion® V2 will be released at the Hanover Fair next year and will be usable free of charge. Read More

Open source update: Z88V15OS!

Today we’ve got news from the open source world: the new version V15 of Z88OS is released!

With support for the recent Windows, Linux (i. a. Ubuntu and OpenSUSE) and macOS operating systems, an own font system and element type 25 (Timoshenko beam) as well as more detail enhancements, it’s worth downloading and trying out the new Z88OS version today. Read More