Download Z88OS

Current version: Z88V14OS

The setup files include the application, example files, help documents and videos. You can still switch the language after the setup in the option menu. If you would like to have a look at the Manuals or Examples, you can find them on our “Help” pages.

Z88OS is released under GNU GPL. You are free to download, use, study, modify and copy/share this software.


Z88V14OS for Windows runs on all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows releases, i.e. from Windows XP to 8.1.
The file is a self-extracting archive, which includes all necessary files. To start the application, go to the new directory C:\z88v14os, then to \bin and finally either to \win32 or \win64 to launch Z88COM. For more information please read the manual.

New: Z88OS is also available from GitHub.


The Linux version runs on Ubuntu, openSUSE and other Unix distributions.For the use of Z88, the GTK+-,glitz and glext-libraries, which are included in openSUSE- distributions, are required. Mozilla Firefox and the Gedit editor should be installed on your system. The missing libraries should be retrieved using the internet. For more information please read the manual.

New: Z88OS is also available from GitHub.


  • Installing the ready-to-run version z88v14os_english.tar.gz or z88v14os_german.tar.gz
  • Make sure that the browser Mozilla Firefox and the editor Gedit are installed.
    How to check the installation? firefox –version and gedit –version.
  • Unpack Z88 to your home-directory: tar -xvzf z88v14os_english.tar.gz.or tar -xvzf z88v14os_german.tar.gz
    This will create a new directory z88v14os.
  • Open a shell and type in (or insert into .profile or .bashrc) :
  • export LANG=C
  • export PATH=$PATH:. (Be sure to mind the dot behind the colon)
  • Restart your PC
  • Launch Z88 from the new Z88-directory by going to /bin and then either to /unix32 or /unix64 using Z88COM


Z88 for Mac runs on all 64-Bit versionen of OS X from 10.6.

You first need the package GTK+4Z88 (without sources), after that you download the Linux-Version (look above) and install it.

New: Z88OS is also available from GitHub.

Setup of GTK+4Z88:

  • Change to the root-directory and save the file there.
  • Unpack using tar -xvzf. A directory /opt will be created automatically.
  • Further inforamtion can be found in the manual.

Setup of Z88OS:

  • Copy the file z88v14os.tar.gz to any directory.
  • Unpack: tar -xvzf z88v14os_english.tar.gz or tar -xvzf z88v14os_german.tar.gz
  • Open a shell and type in (or insert into .bash-profile) :
  • export LANG=C
  • export PATH=$PATH:.
  • Now, go to z88v14os, there to /bin, then to /mac and start Z88COM.
  • For further information please read the manual.